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Relish Infosoft is a real part of this amazing and exciting world of Animation & media. As an institution we have arranged the best education, cool environment for studies, best cooperation between the students and with the coordinators which backed up a good sound of performance. As a part of the company we are always open for the students every time and communication with the students remind us every time a new subject to renew our self (Institution) for the best position in animation & media industry, students interaction with passed out is a confidence developing programs which we specially arrange for those who have hesitation and also is for those who need to be a professional. With the nip of the cool in the air, we are feeling more energized and pride that Relish Infosoft has added yet another feather in its cap in placement journey and has created history by providing the best production of students to satisfy the need of the corporate companies.


Thanks & Best Wishes.

Director of Operation and Management 



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